blood orange cranberry muffins

Blood Orange Cranberry Muffins

The Blood Orange Cranberry muffins are a fantastic dessert or snack recipe. It’s a relatively straightforward recipe that yields 12 servings. Moreover, it’s a more unique version of muffin compared to the usual blueberry, chocolate chip, or raisin bran. So, for a change of pace, feel free to try the blood orange cranberry muffin.

no bake granola bites

No Bake Granola Bites

The no-bake granola bites are a fantastic healthy snack. Despite having numerous ingredients—10 to be exact—it’s still a simple recipe. It’s like one of those, “mix all the ingredients together, and you’re done.” Well, sort of. The point is, it’s super easy to make.

basil lemonade spritzer

Basil Lemonade Spritzer Recipe

The Basil Lemonade Spritzer is an easy, refreshing drink recipe, particularly excellent for hot days. You can also do this with simple water instead of seltzer, and it will still be invigorating. The other two main ingredients are also common, so you can easily make this for your family.

skillet lasagna recipe

Easy 30-Minute One Skillet Lasagna Recipe

The Skillet Lasagna Recipe is partly like the original one but more straightforward. This easy skillet lasagna eliminates 5 significant tasks, making it a lot easier and faster. As an added bonus, there’ll be only 1 cookware to clean afterward. Frankly, it won’t be as flavorful, but it is still delicious by itself.