raspberry lime yogurt pie

Raspberry Lime Yogurt Pie

The Raspberry Lime Yogurt Pie is a straightforward no-bake recipe with only 6 ingredients and not much effort. It only takes about 10 – 15 minutes of active time, yet it’ll yield in at least 8 servings.

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customizable pancake bites

Customizable Pancake Bites

The Customizable Pancake Bites are a break from the traditional pancake recipe. Sure the flavor is still the same, but the shape and versatility make it a more exciting breakfast option.

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cranberry apple compote on waffles

Cranberry Apple Compote

Cranberry Apple Compote is an excellent topping for your breakfast recipe or as a dessert by itself. It’s just like jam with some aspects altered. Regardless, it’s worth a try!

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roasted asparagus and ricotta crostini

Roasted Asparagus and Ricotta Crostini

The roasted asparagus and ricotta crostini is a brilliant Italian appetizer.  It’s a simple yet full of possibilities. In other words, it’s customizable so you can add or remove ingredients to your liking.

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mocha chip ricotta cookies

Mocha Chip Ricotta Cookies

Mocha Chip Ricotta cookies are based on an Italian cookie recipe. It’s an excellent dessert that’s a “break from tradition” western cookies. Basically, it tastes lovely.

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slow cooker apple cranberry steel cut oats

Apple Cranberry Steel Cut Oats

The Apple Cranberry Steel Cut Oats are an excellent breakfast for busy people. Just make sure to prepare it the day before, and you’ll have an effortless breakfast that’s both delicious and healthy in the morning.

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